A creative studio designing visual stories through films, stills and art works.

SOS IN Bel Air teams up with agencies, brands, and artists worldwide to create music videos, commercials, social assets, documentaries, live visuals, artistic and experimental work.
01. We join forces when it’s best for you
-— Working with producers, artists, creatives, or straight with the strategy team.
02. We minimize crew and emphasize talents
-— To shorten and simplify processes. 
03. We own top of the line gears, partner with manufacturers and have our own studio.
-— To ensure optimal reliability, on-set expertise and content quality.
04. We include content strategy
-— To guarantee consistency and maximize the number of assets.
05. We work with the nicest among the best
-— To have a great time during the whole process.
What We Do
Creative/Art Direction
Content Strategy
Based in Paris | Tokyo | London