_Billions of years in the making.


For the launch of the new STAN SMITH MYLO™ by Adidas, FIELD.systems called on SOS IN Bel Air to help them achieve their vision of a future-positive aesthetic:

A contribution that ranged from the creation of all the key images of the campaign to the direction and production of ultra high-resolution environmental drone footages integrated into their launch movie.

Key Visuals

The collaboration of Adidas with mycelium-based leather maker Mylo is represented by a scientific-inspired light table set up. The Stan Smith stand along with the process steps of spawning, growth, harvest, process, and assemble.

To compose the hero shot, the structure was previously designed in 3D by Field.systems creatives to be recreated in Tokyo with sustainable materials.

Environmental shoot

On the hunt for the hidden gems of Japan’s most diverse archipelago, Ishigaki, high-resolution drone shots were created and enhanced with A.I, to contribute to the observation of Nature by science.


Commissioned by

Key Visuals
Environmental Shots

SOS IN Bel Air

Prop Designer
James Wright

Har_Rte (NYC)