_I wanna try, to see,
what you can’t see.


Embark on a color hunt, all around Hokkaido.

What do we remember about our trips? People, smells, textures, colors? This film is a deep dive into the emotions and souvenirs that our mind keeps after our most unique travels. It features some of the most famous sightseeing spots in Hokkaido, discovered and presented from a very personal point of view.

The places we visit fuel our feelings. They create unique memories that we alone can understand.


Commissioned by Hokkaido, SOS IN Bel Air had a carte blanche to direct this contemplative film. It encourages visitors to be on their own journey, into the wild of the northern island.

On top of designing a custom-made lit handbag, SOS IN Bel Air has created a bespoke stabilized rig for their RED Monstro, the ultimate setup considering the shoot was done only by the 2 core members of SOS IN Bel Air with no assistants due to the pandemic. They also used their Phantom VEO coupled with lens distorting accessories for creative shots and perspectives.

Des Quatre

Director/ D.O.P
SOS IN Bel Air

SOS IN Bel Air

Ben Richards

Roman Ryn

Kristopher Paterson

Aerial Japan