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Field.io commissioned SOS IN Bel Air to help them craft the OPPO Unseen X campaign visuals through a series of photo and video experiments: Utilising macro, ultra-high-res, and high-speed photography to create textures with an incredible amount of details.

Oppo_Sky_Phone_001 (1)
Unseen Sky_annimation
findx2lite-smartphone_float (1)
UnseenX_RnD_009_loop (1)
12-22_Earth_Stream_014_22k_10 (1)
Oppo_Earth_Phone_002_trans (1)

To create the phone’s campaign visuals and wallpapers we worked on an iterative and experimental process. Starting with capturing familiar objects and shapes to gather textures that are later analyzed by computer vision techniques: edge detection, color keys, shape contours, and motion tracking using frame difference and optical flow vectors.

The analyzed data is translated into generative 3D simulations with organic textures, lighting, and motion, resulting in deep and engaging visuals.

Commissioned by


Executive Creative Direction — Marcus Wendt
Creative Lead — Paul Brenner
Producer — Jamie Raap
3D Design — Nicolas Le Dren
3D Design — Davide Piscitelli
3D Design — Dani Macovei
3D Design — Elmar Glaubauf

Our role

Visual Experimentation
Photography + Videography
Studio Shoot production