_Beauty renewed, with every heartbeat.


SOS IN Bel Air created a series of videos and photos for the launch of top-of-line Shiseido product: The new ULTIMUNE.

As part of the campaign POWER IS YOU, the visuals emphasize Shiseido’s breakthrough research on blood circulation and their new technology The Lifeblood™. Working mostly with silhouettes and abstract shapes created excitement around the iconic products, talents, and technology.

Research and production

In order to attain this CGI look, captured in-camera, a necessary experimental phase included laser cutting Shiseido’s camelia, finding the best textures, and shaping the drops.

Tokyo Team


SOS IN Bel Air

Alexandre Bartholo
SOS IN Bel Air

Set Designer
Jeanette Moncada


Har-Rte (NYC)

SOS IN Bel Air

The visuals above are a small part of an extensive series of works created for diverse brands of Shiseido that are currently being released on their social platforms and stores.
Here is a selection of the director’s favorites:
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