Visual R&D.

The following page is part of our R&D process. It’s a showcase of aesthetics & visual researches made of image manipulation, coded generated pattern and textures displacement, done with all kinds of digital tools from photography to 3D, code line to 8K footages.

The content has been made either for illustrating personal concepts, music videos or client propositions.
Feel free to ask us what’s behind each image!

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– Main piece of the  Navigational instruments series, 2017

Fishtails, 2016

Sea rose & Desert blue, 2017

– Screen of the video Fluorescent Dance, 2017


– We attached a thread to a vent and add a lot of lights, 2017

UFO gold, 2017

Death on the river, 2017



DE-ORBIT, 2018

Come back here someday, the page is updated regularly!

Artworks ©
SOS IN Bel Air

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