_”Hello”, says the newly-created voice of Waso.


SOS IN Bel Air directed the lead movie and a series of support videos for the rebranding of WASO, the sustainable skincare brand of Shiseido.

The films introduce the new voice of WASO by blending film and editorial design codes. This approach tells the story of their farm-to-face journey, by creating relatable visual links between the products, the processes behind them, and Waso’s transparent vision of beauty.


4 ingredient films were produced along with the lead movie. Thanks to this flexible layout each film was easily cut down in 60s, 30s, 15s and 6s. Every cut down was delivered in 16:9, 9:16, and 4:5 for a total of 48 videos produced, suiting all of the brand’s platforms.

Shooting in full-frame 8K was also key to pull out a wide variety of high-quality stills from the videos.

Here is a selection of the director’s favorites:

Tokyo Team

The project involved a wide variety of setups including the Farms and farmers, the models, the packshots, and the skincare textures. It has been shot over the course of a month, on-location in Okinawa, at Shiseido’s lab, and in a studio in Tokyo.

Director/ D.O.P
SOS IN Bel Air

Issam Kéchouri

1s AD Farm
Asumi Sako

1s AD Studio
Mikael Senninge

Monster Music